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It is essential that every applicant under 18 has consent from their own parent/carer. Therefore ONE FORM MUST BE COMPLETED PER FAMILY APPLYING.
We require all applicants to be able to swim 50m in light clothing. Please confirm this for each applicant below.
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Confirm applicants have read and understood the club rules (here) and policies (here)
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For each applicant please use the space below to state any health or other matters about which the club should be aware. Are there any physical activities from which they should be excluded due to a condition or special need? Please also indicate if any applicant is receiving any medication with details and dosage, and/or specific dietary requirements. Please be clear to which person this relates.
Please provide below information on your paddling experience, your marathon/sprint division level, previous canoe club(s) you may have been a member of and any paddlesport coaching qualifications you may have.
If you have had an assessment of your canoe/kayak proficiency prior to this application please provide the date and the name of the club coach involved.
The club has limited private racking. If you have your own boat that you would like to rack at the club, then please tick to request a slot. Please note there may be a waiting list for racks!
For U18 applicants Parent/Guardian must complete below:
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I have read and understood the parental consent requirements (detailed here). Any comment or disagreement with these must be listed below.
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